Save? Work? Invest? It has become difficult to build up a fortune. Nevertheless, many people do succeed by entering the capital markets. It´s where money can be placed sensibly and profitably. But either knowledge or great courage are required. Many people are uncertain and shy away from this path. However, do we want to leave these profits only to big players? The market is open to everyone!

BITBUSINESS® is your door opener for self-dependent investment.
We are using both the skills of the best experts plus digitalized and automated processes to enable you to play along. You'll avoid beginner's mistakes, develop a feel for investment strategies, and over time, you'll be able to invest your capital on your own. And, we will never leave you alone along the process.

Our formula for success: Learn, apply, profit!

You will become a professional yourself in three steps:

  • Competence. Build up your capital market knowledge systematically by attending our university.

  • Independence. Penetrate strategies and learn to recognize opportunities.

  • Support. As soon as you become active, professional market and stock analysts will help you - around the clock.

BITBUSINESS® works globally, both digitally and automatically. We will provide you with tools that otherwise only brokers and banks use. So, you are not only close to the market, but you are part of it - in real time. Our platform offers you all, a dedicated app, professional trading ideas from trusted, certified German experts and full risk control.

Our offer for first-time-user: Four weeks of all functionalities and daily support for:
19 € instead of 279 €!

Our offer for satisfied members: Free membership with two active referrals!

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Our offer for BITBUSINESS® partners: Extensive affiliate program with revenue share by integrating new members!

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With your BITBUSINESS® App you will get all three, your start, lots of information and orientation. The App is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

Who are we and what do we want?

Financial market specialists, stock traders, PhD scientists, software developers and sales professionals have joined forces in BITBUSINESS®. BITBUSINESS® is a registered association based in Germany and is operating without external investors. Our vision: Everyone should be able to determine their own assets independently.

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Who is BITBUSINESS® made for?

We are addressing everyone who really wants to understand financial and stock markets. Our University provides financial education that you may optionally complete with a certificate. We welcome investors who want to make the best of their financial reserves. With patience, you may even build a passive income. Also, commercial investors are welcome.

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How does your platform work?

We will provide your own access to our platform. You may attend BITBUSINESS®-University and use all functions to the full extent. We will provide your access to secured chats and expert forums - and of course our expert support is always available to you.

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Would you like to know more? In this case simply contact us: or +49 7123 9499715. We are looking forward to hearing from you.