Does your money in the bank become less instead of more?

Would you prefer to pay off your house loan sooner rather than later or treat yourself to an extra vacation?

Above all, do you want to be able to look carefree into a financially independent future?

If financial independence is important to you and you are open to change, you can find the solution at BITBUSINESS®
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Who are WE?

BITBUSINESS® has the vision to show people all over the world the way to financial freedom - the basis for a carefree and independent life! Learn & Earn! Is this your chance of MORE tomorrow!

We as the founder are a team of 8 people who have one common goal - to provide access for everybody to lucrative opportunities for income generation, wealth accumulation and asset protection. Our motivation in the team was very different at the beginning: dissatisfaction with today's monetary policy, independence from the current economic situation, the possibility of working from home or simply determining changes and the future yourself and instead of being "just a number" in a large company. You can do that too!

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Board of Directors

Helgo Eisert


Sven Janner

1. Vice President

Nicole Hoffmann

2. Vice President

Member of Senat

Jörg Fürtig

Head of Development

Dennis Grimm

Head of Trading

Marc Poetter

Head of Education

Mario Ebenhofer

Head of Support

Daniel Fürtig


Daniel Giessler

Member Senat

Daniel Scheumann


Elisabeth Ebenhofer


Rainer Spangenberg

Member Senat

We will help and support you!

What is your personal goal?

And what would it mean for you to be financially free? BITBUSINESS® shows you - step by step - how you can move independently of banks with the most modern options

You build up your Wealth
You generate regular income
You secure your assets

With our BITBUSINESS® University we impart the knowledge to build up income of all sizes. The focus is on income types for which you once invest time and which may be paid for a lifetime. Learn and Earn!

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