At the beginning of BITBUSINESS® there was one single question: Why do people make so little out of their money? We had asked this question to ourselves because it was also true for us. We all have professions in which one earns well - as long as nothing happens to go the wrong way. But because nothing went wrong for a long time, we did not think about how to invest our income in a truly rewarding way.

The idea: We wanted what everyone wants. And everyone should be allowed to participate.

In the end, that's how we all feel: When needs are satisfied and everyday life leaves little time for reflection, people often deal with finances only superficially.

The basic idea behind it:

  • We wanted people to dispose of their assets in a self-responsible and self-determined manner. In Germany, in particular, vast sums of money are lying in bank accounts senselessly, with as little return as a self-knitted savings stocking.

  • We wanted to finally benefit from the opportunities offered by modern capital markets. Digitization, automation - these are not unattainable privileges of large market player. Profits are available for private individuals just as well!

  • However, it had to be serious: We had no interest in reckless bets on prices and windy recommendations from self-proclaimed insiders. Because we all have a reputation to lose - and of course also our own invested capital.

  • That's why we needed a solution where we don't give our money up into the hands of others.

Our solution: a platform that does provide access to the modern capital market to everyone and enables them to make their fortune through both knowledge and practical help from the best experts. Meanwhile many people are currently engaged in the capital market. But those who try to make profits there without help can literally gamble themselves away.

The association: An organization that guarantees solidity, respectability and independence

We wanted to keep everything in our own hands. So, we founded an association, registered and based in Germany. We didn't need any external investors who would first push our business idea and then harvest for themselves. Instead, we wanted to grow organically and determine the future just by ourselves. That's why we have financed the platform entirely from our own resources. That grants security - for our members and for ourselves.

We have set up a board from within the association that is responsible for the platform and is supported professionally and operationally by a senate. Here is where financial market specialists, stock exchange traders, scientists, software developers and sales professionals meet. We work interdisciplinary and collegially at the same time, because we stand united behind our idea and know that only the combination of unity and mutual inspiration leads to success.

The Presidium: An executive board with visions

BITBUSINESS® goes back to an initiative of Helgo Eisert. As a pilot, he was aware early that only a second financial pillar would protect him from any precarious situation, despite his good income and responsible position. However, he would not have been able to compensate for a loss of his job, for whatever reason, by simply reorienting his career.

Many experts think the same way he does. He found like-minded people who wanted to work with him to create a system that could provide all participants with secure income on a self-responsible basis. Together with Jörg Fürtig and Nicole Hoffmann, he now manages the strategic and operational business.

Our offer for first-time-user: Four weeks of all functionalities and daily support for:
19 € instead of 279 €!


Helgo Eisert

Founder and President
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO of BITBUSINESS®, I have the overall responsibility. Other tasks include compliance with all legal requirements, market positioning, planning new investments and legal representation of the company.
Jörg Fürtig

1. Vicepresident
CTO - Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of BITBUSINESS® I am responsible for the architecture, development and technical support of the entire BITBUSINESS® IT infrastructure for WEB and mobile APPs as well as the required internal and external interfaces. This also includes the design and creation of the specifications of the logistical processes for the user interfaces and internal processes.
Nicole Hoffmann

2. Vice President
CFO - Chief Financial Officer

As CFO at BITBUSINESS®, I am responsible for the financial tasks and take on the management of internal and external developments. The supervision of all restructuring, evaluation of the facts about the current situation, documentation, as well as preparation of financial data, monitoring and financial communication for all corporate events is part of my field of responsibility.
Senate: Expertise for the way forward

Eight experts oversee the important development lines of BITBUSINESS®. They represent the professional competence, which stands for excellent support, user-friendly and secure programming, legal protection, worldwide involvement of firmly booked specialists and the continuous development of the business. Our department managers have an excellent reputation in their industry and many years of experience.


Dennis Grimm

CPO - Chief Product Officer

My job as CPO at BITBUSINESS® is that YOU receive the best possible training at BITBUSINESS® UNIVERSITY. I manage, plan and organize BITBUINSESS® UNIVERSITY and I am responsible for the development of new products so that YOU can always benefit from the latest trends and developments in the financial market.
Marc Pötter

CLO - Chief Learning Officer

As a CLO, I am responsible for the learning content of the BITBUSINESS® UNIVERSITY. Together with the educators, we are constantly refining the learning processes and adapting them to the ever-changing financial market.
Daniel Fürtig

CDO - Chief Development Officer

As a developer and programmer, I am responsible for the design and specification of specific backend logics, the development and programming of trading tools and technical support.
Dr. Rainer Spangenberg

CHRO - Chief Human Resources Officer

As CHRO, I am responsible for all personnel issues and mediation between members and executives.
Mario Ebenhofer

CCO - Chief Customer Officer

As CCO, I am in charge of the support department. I am your contact for problems and questions about BITBUSINESS®, which concern both the technical area and the compensation plan. The best way to reach me is through our integrated ticket system.
Elisabeth Ebenhofer


As a support employee, I am happy to take care of your problems and inquiries.
Daniel Wondra


As an employee in the sales department, I take care of the expansion and the acquisition of new members and partners.
Daniel Giessler


As an employee in the sales department, I take care of the expansion and the acquisition of new members and partners.
Would you like to know more? In this case simply contact us: or +49 7123 9499715. We are looking forward to hearing from you.