BITBUSINESS® does not ever leave you alone. We see ourselves as a worldwide network, where everyone will participate, who wants both to understand financial markets and make them work for them. It doesn't matter if you have no previous experience. It doesn't matter if you actually invest money - and how much. You don't even need to invest a lot of time. Who does have a lot of it anyway?

If you want to take something for yourself, there are other qualities to help you: Curiosity, interest, fun in sharing, and an idea of what you want to achieve in life.

We are addressing private individuals as well as professionals who want to acquire and expand their knowledge, who want to try out stock strategies and trading for themselves in a safe environment. Or who plan to use their financial reserves profitably instead of parking them in a savings account. It´s entirely up to you how far you go.

The community functions separately in the roles and united in the matter. As a member, all decisions converge with you.

There is a solution for everyone to participate. You might attend the university and later actively participate in the financial market - or vice versa. After all, there are many people who want to make a fast buck. In this case you will benefit from professional trading ideas with support that you will receive instantly. If you don't have any start-up capital, you may reduce your costs to zero by our affiliate program with marketing support and build a financial base for yourself.
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We have set up offers for each of your fields of interest, which you may book flexibly. You only pay for what you really use.

Our offer for first-time-user: Four weeks of all functionalities and daily support for:
19 € instead of 279 €!

Would you like to know more? In this case simply contact us: or +49 7123 9499715. We are looking forward to hearing from you.