If you want, you can achieve more with us. We act according to the principle of give and take: Whoever helps to bring more members or partners will participate. There are two options. If you recommend BITBUSINESS® successfully: in this case we let you off the membership fee. Or if you choose to become a BITBUSINESS® partner: in this case you can expect commissions, which can make you even far better.

Affiliate model

Do you help us to grow? Discounts and participations will award you

Personal recommendation remains the best marketing strategy. It`s valuable because it combines honest judgment with special credibility - it can neither be bought nor be replaced. We do believe that people can recommend BITBUSINESS® on the basis of a clear conscience. But this can only be done credibly by people who have experienced BITBUSINESS® themselves.

That is why you can help us. Finances are a matter of trust - and trust is built between people. If you activate your personal contacts to recommend us, we will thank you. As soon as two active members have joined because of your recommendation, your membership is free of charge. You will reach your personal profit zone even faster.

Partner model

Your way to become professional: Partner schemes that yield own revenues

Maybe you decide to become a BITBUSINESS® Partner: In this case there is another opportunity for you to develop a component of your passive income. Your first commissions start. It doesn't matter when you decide; you might want to build up some basics first. Most important is to recommend BITBUSINESS® with firm conviction.

Revenue shares start small, but can add up to considerable sums and can offer you the part-time or even full-time perspective you envision. BITBUSINESS® pays out your revenue shares weekly - directly via SEPA instruction or to your crypto wallet.

The principle is quite simple. We are able to offer attractive prices and above-average commissions, because our products are completely digital and generate hardly any additional costs. You will already experience a significant financial impact from just two successful referrals upwards. As soon as you will have referred three members successfully, you can be sure that your commissions will more than compensate for your expenses.

Our offer for first-time-user: Four weeks of all functionalities and daily support for:
19 € instead of 279 €!

Would you like to know more? In this case simply contact us: info@bitbusiness.de or +49 7123 9499715. We are looking forward to hearing from you.