"BITBUSINESS® will put you in a position to shape your own financial future. We do not take your money from you to invest on your behalf - this decision will stay entirely up to you. We don't promise outrageous tricks or triple-digit returns. Instead, we are focusing on competence. Yours and ours.

Your BITBUSINESS® University: Competence will bring you to action

At the beginning there is financial education. For this purpose, we have built an online university where you can join the lecture hall at any time. Lectures take place twice a week, one theoretical and one practical unit. Within a year, all topics rotate, so that you will be able to build up profound knowledge about the capital market within a short period of time.

You can choose to follow lessons in German or English. At the end, we will offer an examination. If you pass, you will receive a certificate. If you do not want to work on the financial market during this time, you may book the university individually.

At BITBUSINESS® University, financial experts do teach you in several subject areas. We have contracted highly competent, experienced and practice-oriented experts, who will teach you all, how stock market professionals operate, how the markets react, which strategies will work, how to assess risks and how to distinguish good from bad opportunities.

We recommend all newcomers to attend the University. Only with appropriate knowledge you will safely prevent investment traps or expensive wrong decisions. It is very important to us that no one is tempted to make rash actions. BITBUSINESS® proceeds seriously - 100 percent - including guidance of independent actions by competence.

Your expert support: Good strategies mature by exchange

You will probably realize quickly that knowledge and tools are not all you need. If you really want to be successful in the market, you will need strategies and regular exchange. That's why we've developed an App that you can use as a mobile business center - to learn and share, to use content, and to manage your financial flows.

You might access a wide range of learning content. Through our App, you'll receive professional trading ideas provided by BITBUSINESS® stock market experts - indicating particularly promising financial transactions. It's up to you whether or not you will apply them. Our trading alerts are suggestions that you can use to clearly understand whether it is worthwhile to enter the market - and above all, at what point entering is worthwhile.

You will get in touch quickly and directly with our stock market experts. Communication takes place in secure chats and forums, which we are providing as an internal circuit. No third-party provider is involved, we are offering our platform independently and keep it free from external influences. Your data is fully secured, only you will have access to it.

Our offer for first-time-user: Four weeks of all functionalities and daily support for:
19 € instead of 279 €!

Your road to success: We build signs and guard rails, you drive to your destination

If you get everything done by anybody else, you will never become independent. We want you to think independently, act for yourself, and thus get the most objective perspective possible. You don't need to be told anything and you will soon get behind the tricks that financial institutions often work with.

High returns per year are possible provided you act prudently! Therefore, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to develop your own financial market strategy. We offer you solid basics, developed by serious financial and stock market experts. You can adopt them, expand them, modify them or choose a new approach based on your own analysis.

If you stick to it, you can create a passive income. This is what we all dream of: financial security independent of your own activity. Many people are promising that. But you will only get there if you take the initiative yourself. It´s our job to give you means and support.

Our formula for success:

Knowledge + Application = Competence

Competence + Independence = Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility + support = your success

Or in short: Learn, Apply, Profit

Would you like to know more? In this case simply contact us: info@bitbusiness.de or +49 7123 9499715. We are looking forward to hearing from you.